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Our Closed Settings package designed to engage both older sports fans and non-sports fans in closed settings, such as care homes, hospital wards and day settings with a wide range of activities that can be used at different times and in different ways to help promote positive mental and physical wellbeing. The package offers a layered model that builds on a person-centred approach.

The Closed Settings Package involves annual subscription-based package to Sporting Memories, designed specifically for care environments. Whether you are a group of care homes, sheltered accommodation or a hospital, Sporting Memories is a great way of enriching the lives of older people.

How our Closed Settings Package works

Our Closed Settings package provides a range of products and guidance which allows Sporting Memories sessions to thrive and enable those that attend to gain benefits which will help them to improve their lifestyles within their setting or local community. Below are the products and guidance provided as part of the package:

The #KITbox

This essential resource for any Sporting Memories club contains both reminiscence materials like our Sporting Pink™, which includes stories and favourites like the ‘Spot the Ball’, but also activity equipment to support the physical wellbeing of those who attend Sporting Memories sessions.

The contents and activities can be enjoyed on a one-to-one basis with staff, volunteers or family members. It also includes chair-based exercises and physical equipment to be used individually or in group activities. An exercise guidebook, DVD and personal logbook is also included to encourage simple, safe exercising. We also provide a weekly digital Sporting Pink™ which can be used to support ongoing reminiscence.

Monthly sporting-themed activity and group exercise sessions content

Alongside the #KITbox, we provide a range of regular themed activity, including sporting reminiscence and group exercise content, which keeps sessions fresh for members as well as helping them to keep engaged in Sporting Memories. These are designed to encompass all age ranges and abilities, so they can be adjusted specfically for your group and their needs.

Connecting to our network

We have a wonderful network of clubs across England, Scotland and Wales that we often host a range of joint sessions or combined external activity, such as visits and online Get Togethers, where they can meet other like-minded individuals to talk about sport and so much more!

We also offer the opportunity for club facilitators and volunteers to also meet up online to share experiences of their clubs and how through shared learning clubs can offer more to their club members.

What we provide you with to make your Sporting Memories sessions a success!

We offer a range of support along the way, from preparing your club launch, to starting the club and all the way through your Sporting Memories journey. Below is a list of some of the support and guidance we can help you with.
  • Support with Funding
  • Training
  • Access to our Learning Zone and Sporting Network for clubs
  • Opportunity to join our Club Online Get Together
  • Resources including our #KITBag and Sporting Pink Series
  • Access to our Replay Sporting Memories website and app
  • Support with monitoring and evaluating your club and its impact on members

Closed Settings Packages

There are two levels of packages available for Closed Settings – Premium and Standard. Full details of what is included in each level is outlined in the graphic below. Cost information can be found on application.


How the Closed Settings Package will benefit you and your participants

  • A proven approach to enhancing individual interaction and understanding of your clients' sporting histories
  • New content every month to provide fresh stimulus in your group activities
  • High quality, tangible products to use in reminiscence sessions
  • A user-friendly App to capture and build your very own collection of reminiscence stories, plus access to the incredible treasury of memories kindly donated by stars and celebrities
  • Individual Replay boxes on the App meaning each resident has their own personal memories box
  • Support and training materials for staff, relatives and volunteers running reminiscence sessions

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If you’re interested in finding out more about this model and how it can support older people in your community, please get in touch using our contact page.


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