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Sporting Memories Weekly, episode 4 (26 May 2020)

In episode 4 we are joined by our Wales Coordinator Nikki Foster. We feature the Sporting Pink from 1976, with Montreal Olympics, cricket, rugby union and football up for discussion.

Driver Gordon Clarke recalls how his racing career began, his cars, and his favourite moments from his career. And Donna encourages us to stay active outdoors, with tips on how to relax.

Sporting Memories Weekly, episode 3 (19 May 2020)

In episode 3, former professional referee, FIFA Referee Supervisor and Sporting Memories volunteer George Cumming shares special memories of his favourite ground.

Using the Sporting Pink and memories of 1966 as inspiration, we discuss football, boxing, Formula 1 and cricket. And Donna has tips on extra ways to stay active at home.

Sporting Memories Weekly, episode 2 (11 May 2020)

Episode 2 features Formula 1 motor racing correspondent Maurice Hamilton, who tells us about a rather unexpected piece of memorabilia – and how it didn't perform its intended job...

We discuss boxing, tennis, horse racing, cycling and football, using the Sporting Pink from 1980 as inspiration. Donna talks about the joy of walking, an inspirational challenge from Ramblers, and of course the Super Six!

Sporting Memories Weekly, episode 1 (4 May 2020)

Presenter Angie, Gareth (who volunteers at our Sandhurst Sporting Memories Club) and Rob (who volunteers at our Musselburgh Sporting Memories Club) take a look at cricket, football, cycling, and the 'Superstars' TV show from 1973. We have gentle exercises to do at home, while this week's contribution to 'Sporting Memories in 100 Objects' comes from BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Eleanor Oldroyd.

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