Session Supporter - One to One

These roles are supported by the Charity’s Area Project Coordinator and liaise with the local Club Leader.

The volunteer Will work with a person e.g. someone with dementia, within the club, who may need additional support to get the full benefit of being at the sessions.

1. To develop a relationship of trust with the person over time

2. To work with the club facilitator and Project Coordinator to ensure that the club is dementia friendly

3. To sit next to the person and quietly ensure that they are able to engage with the discussion or activities

4. If appropriate to contact the person with dementia to remind them that the club is happening on the day and when they will be picked up.

5. To spend time with the person after the club to get feedback on whether they enjoyed it and if they would like anything different at future clubs

6. To attend volunteer training 

7. To attend support and supervision sessions with the Project Coordinator.

Sporting Memories promote and develop the use of sporting memories to improve the wellbeing of people through conversation and reminiscence.  All of our products and services have been devised as easy to use tools to facilitate this process for individuals, groups and organisations across the globe.

We offer a range of services and products to help you to promote and engage with sports reminiscence:

• Tailored training and support on an individual or club basis
• Bespoke toolkits including sporting reminiscence guidance materials and books
• Ongoing support facilities, delivered both on and off line
• Facilitated group work in a variety of settings
• A regular sports reminiscence newsletter - "The Sporting Pink"

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