Session Supporters

To provide assistance to the Session Leader for a local Sporting Memories Group and its attendees.

Typical tasks can include.

1. To be available to help set up the group this may involve arranging tables/ chairs, banners and sporting memories resources.

2. To welcome everyone when they arrive at the venue.

3. To introduce yourself to the participants and their relatives.

4. Help new people feel relaxed by giving a brief description of what happens at the group, when the break can be expected , if there is tea and coffee, where the toilets are and any other relevant information.

5. Assist the group facilitator in ensuring the group runs in a friendly manner.

6. Join in with all of the group activities.

7. Assist new participants to feel a part of the group - by encouraging interaction where appropriate.

8. Assist in helping to ensure the break time runs smoothly this may include; preparing, serving teas and clearing away.

9. Ensure participants are aware of where the toilets are, this may include escorting to and from the door.

10. Assist the facilitator in ensuring everyone leaves safely.

11. Tidy up after the group has finished.

12. Attend volunteer training and support & supervision sessions.

Sporting Memories promote and develop the use of sporting memories to improve the wellbeing of people through conversation and reminiscence.  All of our products and services have been devised as easy to use tools to facilitate this process for individuals, groups and organisations across the globe.

We offer a range of services and products to help you to promote and engage with sports reminiscence:

• Tailored training and support on an individual or group basis
• Bespoke toolkits including sporting reminiscence guidance materials and books
• Ongoing support facilities, delivered both on and off line
• Facilitated group work in a variety of settings
• A regular sports reminiscence newsletter - "The Sporting Pink"

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