Helping you support older people through the power of sport!

Through partnership through a Sporting Memories Social Licence, we can support you to improve the well-being of older adults in your community, who may be living with conditions such as dementia or low mood, or feeling socially isolated.

Our Social Licence offers organisations the benefit of our experience and development that contribute to this robust product and licensing opportunity. This includes showing you how to use sports-based social reminiscence and physical activities.

As a Sporting Memories Social Licence holder, you will be able to deliver our tried and tested Club model and we will partner with you to ensure you make the most of the opportunities and the impact these Sporting Memories activities can bring to you and your community.

By subscribing to our Social Licence, you will be able to run one or more weekly Sporting Memories Clubs in your community. Your  Clubs will bring the following benefits and impacts to its participants, both members and volunteers:

  • Reducing loneliness and isolation
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Helping people to live well with dementia

Sporting Memories will provide you with support and resources throughout your journey of setup, engagement and securing funding, ensuring you can sustain your Clubs’ activities for the long-term.

One of our Group Delivery Coordinators or Practice Coordinators will support you through the setup and marketing of the group, and provide you with training and mentoring. The Social Licence includes all these further benefits and components.

You will be required to pay a set-up fee and for an annual licence for each Club started. As a Social Licence holder, you are then responsible for securing funding to manage the project/Club and providing staff or volunteers to run and support the Clubs.

To discuss a licensing opportunity relevant to you, your group and funding arrangements, or simply to find out more, please complete this short enquiry form