In January 2018, Sporting Memories, with the help of the PFA developed an innovative project with Reuters to digitise 90,000 sporting images from their “Action Images” sports photo library, as a result of a senior Reuters employee witnessing the positive benefits experienced by a close relative attending a weekly Sporting Memories Group.

The catalogue contains sporting photos from the mid nineties through to the early 2000’s  and is being scanned using up to date technology and utilises the knowledge and expertise of the Sporting Memories volunteers to apply improved information to the newly scanned pictures which are then uploaded onto the Reuters/Action Images online sports picture library.

The project benefits the charity in two ways.

The pictures we’re working on will become available for our group reminiscence work and secondly, if these images are licensed from the Reuters library, the charity will receive a small ongoing commission for their use.

If you are a sports fan and reasonably tech savvy, why not help us a few hours a week? 


To take part in scanning work involves attending one of the hubs in the North of England.

We have three scanning hubs operating in Rotherham, Manchester and Middlesbrough.

If you live close to one of these locations and if you feel you have two or three hours a week to offer the project, could you help by scanning images for us?

We also have volunteers attending the hubs who apply meta data to the digital image files as part of their attendance at the weekly groups.

Improving Metadata to be applied to the “already scanned” image files.

Work from home in your free time and use your interest or passion for sport to improve the “meta data” information attached to the scanned images across a period of two or three months, this could mean working on approximately 1000 digital photos across a variety of sports for us.

We have a Project Coordinator in place to provide support and offer advice to our volunteers and whom liaises regularly with the team at Reuters.

We provide work sheets and guidance to explain how to scan and how to apply meta data to the sporting image digital files.

* What is meta data. Here’s a dry explanation we’ve taken from the web.

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