Volunteer for us in Hampshire

We are looking to expand the number of weekly activities available across Hampshire. 
In order to do this we require passionate volunteers to join our community clubs. Read more

Celebrating Our Sporting Memories Volunteers

At Sporting Memories Foundation Scotland we wanted to say thank you to our volunteers for their support, dedication and enthusiasm to the charity and most importantly the people who attend their groups. Read more

Volunteers Needed Across London for 3 New Sporting Memories Clubs

To help facilitate or support our soon to be opening Sporting Memories Clubs in Islington, ( Mondays ) Ladywell (Lewisham) ( Fridays ) and Kingston (Mondays)

Volunteers Needed for Sporting Memories Clubs Opening in Folkestone

VOLUNTEERS WANTED To help facilitate and/or support our soon to open Sporting Memories Clubs in Folkestone At the Folkestone Sports Centre every Friday 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Address: Radnor Park Avenue, Folkestone. CT19 5HX At the Folkestone Care Centre every Wednesday 2 PM - 4 PM Address: 50-52 Shorncliffe Road, Folkestone. CT20 2NB FULL TRAINING IS PROVIDED - START DATES TBC Read more

Volunteers needed for Sporting Memories clubs in Stonehouse and Bellshill

We are looking for volunteers across Scotland
Volunteer at our community clubs and groups in Stonehouse and Bellshill Read more

Tech Savvy Volunteer Required!

If you are tech savvy, methodical and have experience of archiving or cataloguing, with some time to spare we would be delighted to have a chat to you about a relevant volunteering opportunity. Read more

Session Facilitators

Sporting Memories Club Facilitator Help organise and run sessions for a local Sporting Memories Group on a weekly basis. The role is supported by the charity’s area coordinator and training and support is provided. Read more

Writers or Bloggers

If you’re an journalist or blogger why not contribute a written profile or memories of well known sporting personalities to our weekly four page newsletter? Read more

Session Supporter - One to One

This role is to help an individual within one of our clubs who need extra support to contribute to the club and help ensure they get the full benefit of being at the sessions. Read more

Session Supporters

Assist the weekly Sporting Memories Group Leader and the Group Attendees. Help everyone feel included and welcome whilst looking after straight forward administrative tasks to help with the efficient and enjoyable running of the group. Read more

Reuters Scanning Project

Sporting Memories Volunteers are working with Reuters to digitise 90,000 sporting images from the Action Images photo library with the help of the PFA. Volunteer with us at a “Scanning Hub” or work from home. Read more

Corporate volunteering

If You're Drawn to our Work. Get Involved. Your expertise, your resources, your enthusiasm and the skills might be able to help us tackle isolation, depression and people living with dementia. Read more