Reminiscence by telephone

With the necessary self-isolation of many older people during the COVID-19 epidemic, it can be an even bigger challenge to connect. In particular those living with dementia – and those who care for them – can feel more lonely. However, there is an opportunity to connect using the telephone or other devices.

Talking about sport as a trigger for conversation is an ideal focus that can lead to fun and positive responses. If it is too stressful for an older person to attempt to connect using online methods, simple audio contact over the telephone can be rewarding.

This video provides suggestions for sources of information (including Sporting Memories resources such as the Sporting Pink) as well as tips on how and when to use reminiscence over the telephone.

The video includes references to the Sporting Memories One-to-One Reminiscence training video, which you can find below.


Learn more about one-to-one reminiscence

Our One-to-One Reminiscence video provides information, advice and guidance on using sport and other prompts to engage in conversation and stimulate positive memories:


Replay cards

Our Replay cards have been designed to help prompt fond memories of watching or playing sport. We use them in our groups as a focus for discussion and these can be used just as effectively on a one-to-one basis to stimulate conversations.

Using Replay Cards As A Trigger

Bill's Story

Sometimes remarkable facts emerge through enabling someone to begin to tell their own stories and to enjoy reminiscing about their sporting achievements and past times. 

One story that was uncovered led to this wonderful short film called Bill's Story

Replay Sporting Memories

Free to download, the Replay Sporting Memories app is full of inspirational sporting memories and images, and allows you to share your own.