Whilst we know the benefits of socialising and attending the weekly clubs, one to one reminiscing can also be an enjoyable and beneficial activity.
Reminiscence should never be about testing memory and recall, its focus should be on prompting conversation and discussion, and what better topic to focus on than sport!
Our Replay cards (visit our shop to learn more) have been designed to help prompt fond memories of watching or playing sport. We use them in our groups as a focus for discussion and these can be used just as effectively on a one-to-one basis to stimulate conversations.
For further free guidance on how to go about reminiscing with older people living with conditions like dementia, please visit our Learning Zone where there is a helpful video.http://www.sportingmemories.info/d1358/one_to_one_reminiscence

We have also develop technology to help you reminisce alone or with a relative or friend.

The Replay Sporting Memories app is free to download  and 

Sometimes remarkable facts emerge through enabling the person to begin to tell their own stories and to enjoy reminiscing on their sporting achievements and past times. 

One story that was uncovered led to this wonderful short film called Bill's Story

Bill's Story from Sporting Memories on Vimeo.