3 April 2020

With the suspension of our Clubs due to COVID-19, we are encouraging everyone, no matter where you are, to #TalkAboutSport

We all know someone who loves to talk about sport. Talking about sport is the bedrock of our community Clubs for older people. It’s a powerful, emotive and often joyous topic that engages people on all levels. We use sport to tackle social isolation and improve physical and cognitive well-being and resilience.

Now that so many of us are isolated from our loved ones and friends, we want to encourage as many people as possible to talk about sport. To engage by whatever means we can with our family and friends of all ages, spark lively conversations and bring to the fore all those positive memories.

That’s why we have launched #TalkAboutSport. We want to demonstrate to as many people as possible the health, wellbeing and social benefits of talking about sport. We will give you a taste of what happens at our Clubs and demonstrate how to bring this into the home and over the telephone

The campaign will evolve over the coming weeks and days, as we open up new channels of communication, gain coverage, and add new resources to our website and to use at home.

How you can help

Thank you from everyone at Sporting Memories for your continued support and for finding ways every day to #TalkAboutSport

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