27 April 2021

Last year, the printed Sporting Pink announced a digital version. This year? It's time to get social. Three social media channels of Sporting Pink content.

Over the last month alone, we have received hundreds of memories and photographs. From stars of the world of sports and media, as well as members of the public. We simply want to highlight and celebrate them more widely.

We hope you will enjoy, follow, tag, share and #TalkAboutSport. Every memory can help to spark conversation and ignite positive memories.

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Did you know?

The Sporting Pink is a weekly printed publication that we use at our Clubs to introduce fun activities and help stimulate sporting memories. It contains articles, quizzes, a sports diary and more.

We have made the Sporting Pink available to use – by anyone – at home. It's time for everyone to get the conversation flowing, remember those sporting moments and #TalkAboutSport!

Visit our 'Digital Sporting Pink' page to register for your free, weekly digital edition.

The Sporting Pink