Sporting Memories has teamed up with World Walking to create 'Steps for Sporting Memories' – a virtual walking route that stretches for 13.1 miles (or 30,731 steps).

The route is designed to be completed just when it suits you, and in as many stages over as many days as you like.

Along the way, you will meet and learn more about some of our greatest names in athletics.

World Walking logo

The virtual route runs from Newcastle to South Shields. It has been inspired by the Great North Run – one of the highlights of the running calendar and of our own fundraising calendar. To see the route, register on the World Walking website. There is more information below on how to access and take part in the virtual walk.

Activity you are comfortable with

However you choose to be active, this route is designed to lots of fun and great inspiration. There are medals and achievements to collect along the way.

You don't have to do the whole route all at once, and you can complete sections whenever you like – banking and spending your steps as you go. You can take part individually, or invite others to take part with you (virtually or socially distanced).

There is no cost to join or complete the the walk. However, if you would like to make a donation towards our #TalkAboutSport campaign, please visit our Make a donation page.

Sporting Memories team in a park with photos of their sporting greats

It may be a short walk every day, it may be a gentle jog for 15 minutes, or it could be stretches in your garden or chair exercises while listening to the radio – all of which can count towards steps.

Inspired by the greats of athletics

We tell you below how World Walking works. But for the moment, let's find out whom you will meet and find out more about along the way:

Milestone 1: Brendan Foster and Mike McLeod

Milestone 2: Steve Cram

Milestone 3: Sporting Memories Ambassador Lachie Stewart

Milestone 4: Sporting Memories Ambassador Yvonne Muarray

Milestone 5: Liz McColgan

Milestone 6: David Weir

Milestone 7: Tanni Grey-Thompson

Milestone 8: Mo Farah

Sporting Memories team member in a park holding a photo of Yvonne Murray

How it works

– To see the route, register on the World Walking website.

– Once you have registered, you can log in.

– In the 'Search Walks' box, search for 'Steps for Sporting Memories'.

– You may then add steps whenever you like (for example: you may have walked to the shops and back for two days in a row, so you can add these together on the second day – or at the end of your week).

– When you choose to, 'bank' your steps and see how far along the route you are to reaching your next Athletics Greats milestone!

– There is also a World Walking app, which can be handy to have on your phone if you have a smartphone. Search for 'World Walking' on the App store or Google Play.

How do I count steps?

There are lots of ways to count steps:

– If you know how far you have walked, you can add the distance instead of the number of steps

– Some people have an activity-tracker watch

– If you have a smart phone, you can use a step-counter (which may come with your phone) or a step-counter app

– Even the gardening counts! You will find activity step converters online.

Find out more

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please contact Maurice Donahue by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 07393 284406.

Happy stepping!