1 June 2021

1 to 7 June 2021 is Volunteers' Week in the UK. We are ever grateful to our volunteers. And this extraordinary year has been no exception. We shall be hearing from some of our volunteers, exploring what it means to be a Sporting Memories volunteer, and looking at the variety of roles we have on offer. 

Maurice Donahue is Chief Operating Officer for the Sporting Memories Foundation Scotland: "The whole team says a big thank you to our volunteers. Thank you for your time, dedication and enthusiasm in supporting our clubs, fellow colleagues and members, especially in these still challenging and difficult times."

Angie Mills-Curtis is National Volunteer Coordinator for England and Wales. Angie thanks all Sporting Memories volunteers for their hard work and dedication over the last year. Angie also coordinates the Hampshire area. What Angie describes below is typical of Sporting Memories volunteers across the UK:

"As a coordinator who looks after and facilitates several groups across the Hampshire area, I’ve found that over the past year, although lock-down has been awful in many ways, it has also brought people in my groups closer together. Members have looked out for each other and genuinely been concerned when others have been unwell. 

"Our volunteers have gone above and beyond to support our members, helping me in contacting as many of our members as we could and ensuring they had the right support in place as many were having to shield or were living alone. They have been regularly calling those who were not able to keep in contact via our WhatsApp groups and weekly Zoom club sessions, to make sure they felt part of the group and not excluded because they are digitally disconnected by lack of technology. 

"Several of my volunteers also volunteered to help in their local communities and latterly vaccination centres but still always had time for our members including setting up medication deliveries, food deliveries, helping members to set up Zoom, dropping in on members and talking through windows to check in, passing on messages, delivering veg that other members had grown and when local restrictions allowed, meeting for group walks, 1-2-1 outside coffees, making cakes, remembering birthdays and supporting each other as well as our members.

"I really feel like we are coming out of this pandemic stronger and closer than ever."

"Several of our members have said that the other members feel more like family now and some have had more contact with each other than actual family members. This is hugely down to the commitment, kindness and support of our volunteers. 

"Our members and I would be totally lost without them."

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