7 October 2020

A year ago, Preston North End Community and Education Trust (PNECET, the official charity and community department of Preston North End Football Club) in partnership with Sporting Memories established a Sporting Memories Club, which has thrived ever since.

The Club has been unable to meet 'in person' since March due to COVID-19, but has continued – meeting online and including as many current and new members as possible.

So to celebrate, the Club joined a session hosted by Sporting Memories Foundation Scotland's Lanarkshire Club. With quizzes, video clips, spot the ball and lots of chat. The link? It's a football one, of course!

Jim Purvis, Group Delivery and Practice Coordinator who facilitates the Lanarkshire Club, explains:

"My first love is of course Queen's Park but since Motherwell-supporting mates of mine had established friendships with guys from Preston many years ago I was invited to join their annual pilgrimage to Deepdale. It just blossomed from there. It's a reciprocal arrangement whereby a group of the Preston guys try to come up for a Well game at Fir Park. We have promised that if Preston North End ever make the play-off final at Wembley we are having a weekend in London!

"Preston has a very proud history and one that is more than a little tartan-coloured, so I quickly adopted them as my English team and now look out for their results almost as intently as the Queen's Park ones.

"With the establishment of a  Sporting Memories group at Preston I arranged to meet Alastair White from the PNE Community Trust when I last down for a game in November 2019. Then when the Zoom group started I attended a lot of their sessions and got to know a number of the members quite well."

Screenshot from the online Sporting Memories meeting showing everyone who attended

Martin Atherton is volunteer session facilitator at the Club:

"What a fantastic family Sporting Memories has become and today was a wonderful example of how sport can bring us all together. Some great memories shared, lots of laughter and companionship that we must do again."

Facilitating the group with Martin is PNECET Community Inclusion Officer Alistair White:

"I’d like to reiterate what Martin said, the session was fantastic and you could tell by people's faces everyone enjoyed themselves! Spot the ball went down a treat too. I'd best get my practice in for next week now!"

Spot the ball photo, marked up with peoples answers as crosses

Further information

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