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Sporting Memories has published oral history interviews and photographs as a way of exploring, recording and preserving the lived sporting experiences of people from across London. By raising into focus people’s memories of sport, recreation and play – including childhood games, places, social practices, events, traditions, teams and local icons – we hope to build a fuller, more diverse picture of London’s sporting and social past, and to illuminate the ways in which this landscape has changed over time.

The collection to date is held on the London Together oral history project site.

Above: Ocho Rios basketball team, c. 1982. In the back row, third from the right, is former Brixton Topcat Annette Hinds. Visit the collection website to listen to the two-part oral history interview with Annette Hinds.

It is our hope that the creation and preservation of oral histories and corresponding resources will give people the opportunity to discover, engage with and share the history of sporting and leisure experiences in London for generations to come.

Above: A photograph of members of the Walworth and Aylesbury Community Arts Trust (WACAT) radio project – one of many projects, clubs and activities provided by the community initiative – on Southwark's Aylesbury estate in 1988. [David Cleverly/ Walworth Inprint]. Visit the collection website to listen to an oral history interview interview with Lisa, who was a keen athlete and member of the Walworth and Aylesbury Community Arts Trust (WACAT) while growing up.

The interviews form part of the wider ‘London Together’ project, which aims to increase the physical and mental wellbeing of older people across diverse communities in London through sports reminiscence and physical exercise. The project is funded until July 2023 through Comic Relief and The Mayor of London’s Office joint London Together programme.