"Since receiving the KITbag I have been doing exercises daily and I am much more mobile. I even went outside for a short walk. I enjoy our weekly Telephone Circle: it has given me encouragement to keep going and opportunity to chat to new people." (Aneurin)

For people over 50 who are currently inactive and would like encouragement and support to be active at home, the Sporting Memories #KITbag provides equipment, motivation, guidance – and opportunities for companionship. This page tells you more about the service in Wales.

"I have lots of health conditions so find it difficult to motivate myself to regularly exercise. Having the exercise guide and tracking my progress has helped me. I have joined a weekly telephone circle where I have the chance to talk with others using the KITbag which I really enjoy. We chat about sport and exercise, and have a laugh." (Cheryl)

Perhaps you are living with a condition that makes it difficult for you to stay active? Or perhaps someone you know is? This could be dementia or depression, for example, or because you are feeling isolated or are unable to easily go outside.

To find out more and tell us how we can get in touch with you, visit our #KITbag Wales enquiry page. You are very welcome to enquire for yourself – or on behalf of someone you know.

The Sporting Memories KITbag service:

- Is completely free of charge

- Provides practical and fun support with being active at home

- Provides regular keep-in-touch phone calls for motivation and companionship

- Is delivered to your home


– Regular keep-in-touch phone calls
 from fully trained members of the Sporting Memories team

– Opportunities to take part in Sporting Memories online sessions or phone circles


– A personalised record book to record progress

– One-to-one support

– An exercise guide

– Exercise videos (DVD)

– Equipment: a stress ball, beach ball with pump, and resistance band

Inspiration to remember and talk about sport

Remembering sport and sparking conversation and positive memories lies at the heart of Sporting Memories. The KITbag also contains:

– Four editions of our Sporting Pink nostalgia paper (with new editions sent after 1 month)

– A DVD introducing the Sporting Pink editions, with filmed discussions and sporting conversation relating to them

Would you like to find out more? Please visit our #KITbag Wales enquiry page.