Sporting Memories have been funded by Sport England to introduce an hour of physical activity into 10 existing and 20 new sporting memories groups. This also involves evaluating what impact this has on group members and facilitators during the project period. Leeds Beckett University are the evaluation partners and are leading on this work.

The evaluation involves asking Sporting Memories group members who have agreed to take part to fill out a questionnaire which asks about how active they are, their physical and mental health and how socially active they are. They fill a questionnaire out when they start the project and then 3- and 6-months later.

Sporting Memories staff who work in the different regions in England are taking the lead on supporting data collection at each group. However, we know from the groups we have already recruited, that many group members like to sit with a researcher and fill out their questionnaire together or appreciate having someone around to support and prompt them if needed. This is difficult for just one member of Sporting Memories staff to be able to support everyone.

Therefore we are looking for volunteers who would be willing to support group members to complete questionnaires for this project. This will involve

1. Attending a 1-1.5 hour Skype training to learn about the project and how to support people to complete the questionnaire (dates and times to be confirmed/agreed based on volunteer availability)

2. Committing to support data collection at the weekly group meeting of one or more Sporting Memories groups for their initial, 3-month and 6-month data collection (at least one of these time points). This will involve attending the group for 2-3 weeks in a 1-month period at each time point. How many weeks will depend on group size and how many volunteers we have per group. A Sporting Memories member of staff will also always be present during data collection. Your role would be to support questionnaire completion under their supervision.

We are looking for help specifically in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Suffolk and Hampshire in the first instance.

If you are interested please complete this form