Hi All,

Some of you might be aware that I have started the New Year completing Red January and Dry January. Although both have some wonderful charities associated with them I have decided not to raise funds for the partners charity but to instead raise money for Sporting Memories Foundation for England and Wales.

Sporting Memories work with older adults to help bring people together to talk about sport tackling dementia, depression and loneliness through sport. They run projects and clubs that allow older adults to meet and reminisce about sporting events while also providing them with opportunities to take part in physical activities.

I first came across Sporting Memories on a project that I recently worked on and was in awe and was blown away by the work that they do. I recently finished working on a reminiscence project and know just how important it is for older adults to enable them to socialise and bring people together.

Although they are not able to deliver their clubs in the traditional sense they are still engaging with the community virtually and through their Sporting Pink Issue.

I hope you will all continue to support and help me with raising funds for this organisation.

Thank you,

Catherine Linnie-Godden