Motor Sports, British Touring Cars: Matt Neal

We are delighted to have the support of British Touring Car Champion Matt Neal.

Matt Neal is a three times BTCC champion, winning the title in 2005, 2006 and 2011. Matt made his debut on a BTCC grid in front of over 120,000 fans in 1991 at Silverstone when BTCC was part of the British Grand Prix race weekend. The circuit holds many memories for Matt

"My Dad took me along to see the Big Cat Jaguars in the Tourist Trophy at Silverstone, that was in the days when it was still all ploughed fields in the centre of the circuit. We had a wander round the circuit and stood on the banking near Becketts to watch. We managed to drive onto the in-field, my Dad used to sneak us in with us hiding in the boot as we were still small enough to fit in back then! Andy Rouse was racing the Broadspeed Jag and Hans-Joachim Stuck along with Jochen Mass were in the Batmobile BMW's. Seeing those cars pretty much sold it to me. The Jags were incredibly fast, but also very fragile, they'd get into the lead and then always breakdown. But that day really got me hooked on Touring Car Racing"

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