Rugby: Jason Leonard OBE

The World Cup winner enjoyed success at club and international level in a career that saw him hold the record for most international caps. As an England player, Jason was on the winning side for four Grand Slams, the Lions tour to South Africa in 1997 and played a key role in England's World Cup victory in 2003.

Recalling his early days Jason says

"I played at Barking Rugby Club until I was 18 and then I trialled with Saracen's Under 21's for a while. I played a full season at Barking as an 18-19 year old and then went to Saracens after that and had two years at Saracens where we got promotion from Division Two to what would have been the original Premiership then, sort of like the First Division, and at the time I got picked up for the Under 21's for the first ever England Under 21's International in Romania and then I came back and played one season again at Saracens in the first team in the First Division and then got chosen to go on tour to Argentina with the England team."

Memories of the World Cup

"We thought we'd get to the Final, we thought we'd win the Final it's just that we made bloody hard work of it and we shouldn't have. We should have won the game in eighty minutes but lack of discipline let them back in the game and one thing you can always say about Australia is that they can play the game - they're very intelligent about how they play the game and when they play. So all the credit to them, they got back in the game and I was lucky enough to come on the field at extra time."