When I was younger, slimmer, in shape, and just generally 'better' at sport, I'd spend an evening a week at a football coaching club hosted in a local high school. I think you paid like £2.50 a month and you'd get to learn from some great footballers. The coaches were the likes of Nigel Winterburn, Lee Dixon and we even had Ian Wright. I've been an Arsenal fan since, so as you can imagine, the last how-many years have been a blur – and my favourite memory is probably dribbling past Nigel Winterburn (NO, he did not let me just because I was 9).

Outside of football, it has to be Senna at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 1991 – when he won despite being stuck in 6th gear. I was a kid totally in awe of everything he did and even though I didn't know how hard that must have been to do, I knew it was special by the roar on the TV.

As I grew up, I realised I just wasn't made to play any sort of sport. My attention focused on anything creative and here I am. I have 12 years' experience in the creative and digital industries. My passion is using design, creative, and tech to tackle social challenges. I do this through Super Being Labs, which I set up to create social innovation that improves lives. Outside of work, I'm a Chair for a charity in Kings Cross called STCA, and on the Ventures Advisory Board at UnLtd – the Foundation for social entrepreneurs.

I'm deeply moved by what Sporting Memories does and I feel so lucky to be on board an organisation with such an incredible team, purpose and vision. Upwards and upwards!