Sports Writer and Broadcaster: Henry Winter

Henry is chief football writer for The Times:  

"I've been reporting on football for twenty-eight years now and there are two stand out memories that made for two of the most difficult working nights of my career, but they led to two of the most momentous and dramatic stories that you could ever have the joy to cover."

The first of those took place at the Nou Camp in 1999.

".....Then began the most extraordinary end to a game that I've ever seen or covered. When the first goal went in from Sheringham and was then followed by Solskjaer, it was the most incredible moment for the players, fans and everyone associated with Manchester United and any neutral was just jumping around with excitement.

I looked around the press box in Barcelona and it was absolute carnage. All the print sites were rolling on one little wire, so I just picked up the phone and screamed a couple of ad lib paragraphs of the dramatic late turn around - Manchester United defy the odds to turn logic on its head with two late, late goals to win the European Cup. Those two paragraphs were of course then followed by 950 words of criticism of Ferguson's tactics!"

The second game that stands out took place in Istanbul. 25th May 2005 Atatürk Stadium - A C Milan v Liverpool.

" We didn't know at the time that Rafa Benitez had used half time to make a stirring speech, nor that Steven Gerrard had left the dressing room door open so the players could hear the 40,000 Liverpool fans still showing their support, singing ‘You'll Never Walk Alone'. What we did see was Gerrard emerge from the tunnel for the second half and was totally pumped up. He clearly realised it was going to be the biggest moment of his career and he was going to do everything possible to achieve the glory he dreamed of when growing up as a kid supporting Liverpool.  He basically went out there and seized the moment, he scored, he won the penalty,  he got them back into it. Then extra-time and Ancelotti began to send on fresh players, Carragher was suffering from cramp, holding on to the post trying to get rid of it, lactic acid coursing through his legs, but all that was going through Gerrard was pure adrenaline and a desire to get through to penalties."

I go in to talk to schools and say that whatever you are doing in life, whatever profession you to choose to go in to, whatever hardship you face, there is always a way out if you believe, you work as a team, you have the determination, the drive, then you can do what Sheringham, Solskjaer & Gerrard achieved, you can get yourself out of difficult places.

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