We are excited to invite you to our first Sporting Memories social licence event where we will be sharing with you the key features of our successful model which aims to tackle loneliness and depression in older people as well as support those living with dementia and other long-term conditions through the power of sports reminiscence.

The FREE event will cover the following:

  • About us and what we do 
  • Our Clubs and the Social License Model 
  • Resources (Replay Memories)
  • Case studies
  • How you can get involved
  • Q&A session

Joining us for the event will be our co-founder Chris Wilkins, our Development Director Rob Foreman with the event coordinated by Rob Baker our Wales Coordinator.

To register the event, please complete the form below.

Once registered, you will be given details of how to join the event. If you have any specific areas or topics you would like to discuss in advance of the session, please also let us know.

We hope by the end of the event you will want to join our Sporting Memories network and help to make a greater impact on the lives of older people in your local communities!

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