Why not take a few minutes to dig out any old programmes, sports biographies, annuals, shirts, scarves, boots and any other sporting memorabilia that could be put to use at our sporting memories clubs?

We’re particularly excited about receiving pre-90’s memorabilia, books, comprehensive scrapbooks and match programmes to aid our reminiscence work.

In fact, the older the better to match with current age profile and natural interests for our club’s attendees.

We’re always looking for donations of specialist books about sports: Boxing, Cricket, Football, Gaelic Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Motor Sport and Tennis, as we are able to benefit from books that hold some value which can be sold at auctions or purchased from us at fair prices by specialist second hand book dealers.

Sports tournaments and match programmes collections across all sports are of real use and interest to stimulate recall, conversation and memories.

We are able to accept individual donations by post if they are sent to Sporting Memories, Orchard House, Long Street, Topcliffe, North Yorkshire YO7 3RL.

If you have a collection of materials too heavy or expensive for you to send, but feel there’s a potential value for us ( for sports reminiscence or an interesting collection of sporting materials and memorabilia ) then contact us here and will work with you to arrange collection.

[email protected]