Sporting Memories Network CIC board committed to meeting an enhanced level of governance, to achieve the standards required by Sport England to be accredited as reaching their Tier 2 Code of Sports Governance.

Board documents can be downloaded from this page. Detailed policies can be found in the Board Handbook - available on request

On the 8th August 2018, Sport England confirmed that Sporting Memories Network has attained compliance with Tier 2a of The Code of Sports Governance.

The code has three tiers and any organisation seeking funding from Sport England, regardless of size and sector, must comply, including national governing bodies of sport, clubs, charities and local authorities.

The code is proportionate, expecting the highest standards of good governance from organisations requesting the largest public investments, including:

  • Increased skills and diversity in decision making, with a target of at least 30 per cent gender diversity on boards
  • Greater transparency, for example publishing more information on the structure, strategy and financial position of the organisation
  • Constitutional arrangements that give boards the prime role in decision making.

On confirming compliance, Mike Diaper, Executive Director at Sport England said: "Sport England are pleased to confirm that we have reviewed the updates and evidence Sporting Memories provided against your Governance Action Plan and you have achieved all the agreed actions. This means that Sporting Memories has achieved compliance with ‘A Code for Sports Governance’ (‘the Code’).

I recognise that this has been a significant undertaking and would like to express sincere thanks for the hard work and engagement of all those involved. Our hope is that all the work will be rewarded in the coming years, as individual organisations and our wider partners, prove to be more productive, sustainable and responsible, as a direct result of these changes."

Darshan Sanghrajka, Chair of the Board of Directors of Sporting Memories Network said: "We are delighted to have received confirmation of compliance from Sport England. It reflects the hard work undertaken by the staff team and the board of Sporting Memories Network CIC to ensure we continue to follow the very best practice in our governance structures and day to day operations."

"Sporting Memories Network might not be what would be deemed a traditional sporting body, to attain Tier 2a of the Code of Sport Governance demonstrates our commitment to learning and ensuring we continue to operate with values and standards that our participants and partners deserve."

To learn more about The Code of Sports Governance visit the Sport England website here

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