Sporting Memories needs your help to support older people during the coronavirus pandemic – and beyond.

With so many our of members, carers and volunteers having found themselves more isolated than ever, we are working hard to ensure our Sporting Memories community provides support, befriending and continued social activities to many older people across the UK.

We are Talking About Sport to be there for older people who need our help and support their mental well-being through this difficult period, but we desperately need your support. We tackle dementia, depression and loneliness. We increase over all well-being through physical activity. We make a real difference. We change lives.

Your donation to Sporting Memories, will help us support older people that need us most by:

Every pound you donate counts.

£100 trains a volunteer to help at a Sporting Memories Club

£50 helps provide more sports equipment to a Sporting Memories Club

£50 purchases a KITbag pack: exercise equipment, exercise guides and reminiscence material delivered directly to recipients to use at home

£30 buys a pack of Replay Sporting Memories reminiscence cards for a club

£20 provides a month's supply of the weekly Sporting Pink newspaper for a club

£10 helps recruit more volunteers

£5 helps pay a volunteer's travel to run a club 

Thank you for donating today.