Sporting Memories Foundation Scotland launched the first of our monthly hub events at Calderglen Sports Hub on Tuesday 2nd April 2019 building on our vision to provide inclusive physical activity opportunities for isolated older adults across East Kilbride, some of whom live with long-term conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s disease or depression. The project is part of the Changing Lives Through Sport & Physical Activity programme which is jointly funded by sportscotland, The Robertson Trust, Spirit of 2012 and Scottish Government, and will run for two years with hub events taking place each month. All events are open to the wider community as well as Sporting Memories club members and their families/carers.

Members from Sporting Memories clubs across East Kilbride were invited to take part in the first pilot event that featured sporting reminiscence activities followed by an inclusive physical activity session facilitated by volunteers from Calderglen Harriers. Activities comprised seated exercise, stretching and boccia which are all designed to support the exercises taking place in weekly groups; reducing the risk of falls and injury.

This project also builds on previous Sporting Memories intergenerational activities in the area with South Lanarkshire Leisure providing support to engage young local volunteers to help at the monthly hub events.

Our next hub event will take place on Tuesday 7th May. If you are interested in volunteering to help at the event or if you know someone in the area who would benefit from attending please do get in touch at [email protected] We’d be delighted to hear from you!

Chris Wilkins, Co-Founder of Sporting Memories, “Our clubs and groups aim to improve the lives of isolated older people living with long-term mental and physical conditions and we hope that through our monthly hub events we can re-engage older adults with sports they once enjoyed in their local community.

We are delighted to have the support of South Lanarkshire Leisure, Calderglen Sports Hub, as well as, the Changing Lives Through Sport and Physical Activity programme. We hope this project will grow considerably over the next two years and that many older people in the community will embrace the opportunity and become more physically active again.”

Chair of sportscotland, Mel Young, said: “We see time and again that sport has the power to change lives and being physically active is one of the best things we can do for our physical and mental health.

“At sportscotland we believe sport should enable anyone to play regardless of age, ability or where you come from. We strive to ensure sport is at the heart of society in Scotland and makes a lasting and positive impact on people and communities.

“It’s great to see such a good example of that in The Sporting Memories Foundation, South Lanarkshire Leisure and Calderglen Sports Hub project. This partnership is showing that sport and physical activity can make a meaningful difference to the lives of older people.”

South Lanarkshire Leisure, “We are delighted to support the project and relationship between Sporting Memories Foundation and the local community in East Kilbride. The community Sports Hub based at Calderglen Country Park has six sports clubs: Athletics, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Golf and Football amongst other activities and this project will give them the opportunity to learn and work with older people. It’s also a great way for the participants to connect with the wider community and explore new ways of getting active or come along and enjoy the company with a cup of tea, a bit to eat and some exercise.

Through identifying and supporting local volunteers, linking with other events at the hub and involving clubs we hope that this will provide and intergenerational aspect and that participants will find something they enjoy doing via the activities and sports on offer at the hub. The aim is increase their levels of activity and enjoyment of sessions and potentially a pathway into a club. We also hope this will be an avenue for sporting memories to grow their programme through interaction with the clubs and community in East Kilbride and generally for people to be more active and enjoy the alternative environment of the country park and sports facilities.


  •  sportscotland is the national agency for sport. It is a non-departmental public body, responsible through ministers to the Scottish Parliament. It is a National Lottery Fund distributor and is governed by National Lottery distribution rules. sportscotland invest Scottish Government and National Lottery resources to build a world-class sporting system for everyone in Scotland.
  • The Robertson Trust is Scotland’s largest independent funder providing around £20million per year to charitable organisations across Scotland. The Trust’s interest in sport is around its use as a tool to address inequalities and bring about change. The Trust has invested more than £3million into sports organisations and projects over the last 5 years and has run two specific programmes seeking to build evidence about how sports delivery and sporting organisation can be more sustainable and impactful. The Changin Lives programme has been developed as a result of independent research carried out in 2016 which considered how sport was being used in Scotland to bring about benefits to individuals and communities. Visit to for full details.
  • Spirit of 2012 is a funding charity, established by the Big Lottery Fund with a £47m endowment from the National Lottery. Spirit was founded to continue and recreate the spirit of pride, positivity and social connectedness that people experienced during the London 2012 Games. Spirit funds projects that bring people together – to learn something new, do something different, or experience something unique – and that leave behind a social legacy of increased wellbeing at an individual level, as well as happier and more connected communities.
  • Active Scotland Division has overarching responsibility for the delivery of the Scottish Governments policy for sport and physical activity as set out within the Active Scotland Outcome framework. Since the Division was established in 2014, we have been working to change societal attitudes and behaviour to being active – by shifting our focus onto prevention. This is critical to our personal, community and national wellbeing. Our vision is to work in partnership to create a Scotland where more people are more active more often.
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