10 June 2021

For Carers Week 2021, Agnes – who cares for her husband, Bob – talks about what Sporting Memories means to her.

Agnes cares for her husband, Bob, and both were regular attendees at the Glenrothes Sporting Memories Club. However, as Bob's condition deteriorated he was admitted to residential care.

Agnes had enjoyed her times at the groups with Bob so much that despite admitting to not having a great interest in sport, she kept coming along. Agnes had made good friends with other members of the group – particularly with one couple who had similar experiences – and wanted to maintain those relationships.

"Bob had always really loved coming along to the Sporting Memories group and when I joined him on the Zoom sessions I enjoyed the friendship, camaraderie and laughs along with him. I made good friends with all of the participants – some of whom I had known before lockdown restrictions. The group was something that we looked forward to each week so when Bob was admitted to residential care, I thought that would be that and that I would lose touch with people who had been a great support to me.

"Gary [Gary Waddell, Sporting Memories Group Delivery and Practice Coordinator] encouraged me to keep attending – and I'm glad that I did. It's been good to keep participating and keeping up with friends. I sometimes even get a question or two right in the quiz!

Agnes leads a Zoom yoga session

"I am a qualified yoga teacher so when Gary asked me to try out a session one afternoon in place of the regular exercise spot I duly agreed. It seemed to go well as they have me doing one every couple of weeks now! Everyone seems to enjoy it and I'm more than pleased to be able to continue as a way of giving something back to the group for the support and laughs that they've given to me and Bob. I really feel a sense of belonging with the group and I'm sure that I will continue to feel that way in the future."

Our thanks to Agnes and Bob for sharing their story. And to Agnes of course for the fantastic yoga sessions!

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