The Sporting Memories Foundation is delighted to launch the first ever Welsh Memories Weekend, which will be held over the 21st and 22nd September 2019.

Alongside a 17-strong network, Sporting Memories have received a grant from a partnership of Welsh Government, Sport Wales and Public Health Wales to support the aim of improving mental and physical health and reducing social isolation by enabling the adoption of healthy and active lifestyles across Wales. The award will support the development of 30 Sporting Memories’ weekly reminiscence and physical activity clubs in Wales over the next three years.

The dates are poignant as September is World Alzheimer’s Month, Saturday the 21st is World Alzheimer’s Day. Fans, clubs, players and personalities from the world of sport will be showing their support for the first Memories Weekend across Wales.

The Memories Weekend is an opportunity for clubs, players and intergenerational fans to celebrate the rich history and heritage of sport in Wales, whilst raising awareness of three of the biggest challenges facing our society: depression, loneliness and dementia.

2019’s focus will be on fan engagement through sharing memories of ‘My First Game’. The key aims of the weekend are to raise awareness of the three conditions and the impact they have, to unite fans, families and generations in sharing memories of their first game and to raise funds to support the opening of further free Sporting Memories Clubs in Wales.

Sports fans of all ages can get involved in various ways:

  • Tweet about the weekend to @Sportsmemnet including the hashtag #MyFirstGame
  • Encourage club members to share their memories including the hashtag #myfirstgame
  • Encourage younger fans to interview their parents or grandparents for memories of their first match and to post their films, pictures or words, including the hashtag #MyFirstGame
  • Record a short film of recalling your own first match and share on social media platforms, include @Sportsmemnet on Twitter or @thesmf on Instagram and use the hashtag #MyFirstGame
  • Donate £5 to the campaign by texting MyFirstGame to 70085 to help open more weekly clubs across Wales

The charity is working in partnership with Cardiff City FC Foundation, College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University, Derwen (Housing Association), Glamorgan County Cricket Club and Cricket Wales, Ospreys in the Community, Sporting Memories Network CIC, Swansea Council, Vi-Ability and The Pollen Shop. Sporting Memories are working closely with Ageing Well in Wales to ensure the project has a lasting impact and reach on the lives and well-being of older people throughout Wales.

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