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We are thrilled to reveal AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson as a supporter of the network. By night, Brian sings in the biggest rock 'n' roll band on the planet. But by day, AC/DC's charismatic, flat-capped frontman gets to indulge his passion for all things automotive. Cars and rock 'n' roll, they were made for each other. Car racer, car collector and all-round car enthusiast, Johnson is an incurable, certifiable petrolhead who can't remember a time when four wheels didn't feature as large in his life as music.

Starting, as a young boy growing up in Tyneside, with an old steering wheel and his imagination, a lifelong passion took root early. And through cramped teenage fumbles in an old Mini and clapped-out, hygienically challenged tour vans, to chauffeur-driven, leather-trimmed limos and a sideline as a successful racing driver, it's been there ever since.

It wasn't cars that featured in Brian's early years growing up in Dunston. Brian and his Dad would head along to watch Gateshead FC play

"We walked there from Dunston, we didn't have a car anyway. We walked through Dunston Park, down past the gas works, turned right up alongside the tributary that led into the Tyne from the mines, to the Gateshead stadium."

You can read the rest of Brian's early memories of Gateshead and Newcastle United here

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