The Guide

The GuideThe Sporting Reminiscence Guide. The striking A3 size folder is packed with some of the most iconic images of sport from the 40's through to 1979 and contains all you need to know about setting up a sporting reminiscence group.

With an introduction to reminiscence therapy and sporting reminiscence written by Charlie Murphy, author of It Started With a Sea-shell: life story work and people with dementia, this resource will prove to be a valuable addition to any care environment.

GuideThe guide includes a big pack of A5 size Replay Cards. These are designed to be used in the sessions, their size and imagery being ideal for use in group or one to one sessions.

There are 48 Replay Cards, covering legends from 8 different sports - Tennis, Football, Cricket, Boxing, Golf, Rugby, Track & Field and Motorsport are all covered, with cards including the likes of Muhammad Ali, Bobby Charlton, Virginia Wade, Mary Rand, Stirling Moss and Jack Nicklaus.

The guide is supplied to organisations participating in SMN projects. Get more information by contacting us here.