Mackenzie Thorpe

Mackenzie ThorpeThe latest supporter of the project and sporting memories network is the internationally renowned artist Mackenzie Thorpe.

In 2003, Middlesbrough born Mackenzie produced a collection around football and the community called 'The Game of Life'. Introducing the collection, Mackenzie wrote: "Whatever your age, whatever your background, the magic of football goes far beyond the pitch. I invite you to remember the moments when the game has had a lasting effect on your life, of how it has brought friends together, united whole communities, even countries.

Grandad as a lad

To mark their Golden Jubilee, UEFA presented a painting from the collection called ‘When Grandad Was a Lad` to all football clubs and associations that had won a European trophy since 1954.

You can read more about Mackenzie and The Game of Life on the Arthaus Gallery website

The A Team

The A Team

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Harry Gration

BBC Look North Presenter and avid sports fan Harry Gration tweeted his support of the Sporting Memories Network

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