Whose Shoes Blog 4th July 2012

In the shoes of Tony Jameson-Allen
Co-founder of The Sporting Memories Network C.I.C

It is Day 38 of this "in my shoes" blog series, looking at dementia from different perspectives. Very different perspectives! What started as an idea for Dementia Awareness Week has turned into a daily blogpost as I keep hearing such compelling stories and simply have to publish them!

Today we have a wonderful idea - so simple and so effective. The way the guys talk at our cricket club and seem to remember every ball of every match they have ever played, how could reminiscing about sport fail as a wonderful trigger to stimulate the thoughts and emotions of sports lovers who happen to be living with dementia? Here Tony Jameson-Allen tells us about the Sporting Memories Network and includes one of my favourite cricket stories...

Read the article here http://whoseshoes.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/in-the-shoes-of-tony-jameson-allen-co-founder-of-the-sporting-memories-network-c-i-c/