The Daily Telegraph 24th October 2012

How encouraging elderly to recall favourite sporting moments can help in battle against dementia

By Tanya Aldred

The son painstakingly makes his dad a programme each week which answers the questions that he will repeatedly ask throughout the match - who are we playing, where are we in the table - and they make sure they sit where they can always see the scoreboard.

But the game is so embedded into the father that, when the whistle goes, the clouds parked over his memory part and he understands again: what is happening on the pitch, the tactics, the tackles. The two men sit side by side and enjoy the game together, able to communicate through sport.

We know that sport brings people together, grunting siblings, communities, countries. But what is becoming clearer thanks to pioneering work by the Sporting Memories Network is that sport, like music, can unlock memory.

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