BBC Radio 24th January 2013

The network was well and truly connected across England on Thursday morning with a trip to the BBC studios in Leeds. SMN director Tony Jameson-Allen was live on air to discuss the aims and objectives of the network and to appeal to listeners across the country to share their own favourite memories.

On a whirlwind tour of BBC Local Radio stations which spanned the country from BBC Radio Cornwall up to BBC Radio Newcastle, taking in Lincolnshire, Tees, Somerset, Leicester, Leeds and finally Manchester, each interview lasted for up to 10 minutes, with presenters and listeners sharing their own favourite memories ahead of Tony's opportunity to raise awareness of the projects. The stations used the exercise to talk about dementia as well as sport.

It was appropriate that the final interview was with BBC Radio Manchester, last minute goals featuring highly in the memories shared by listeners during the morning!

On this clip you can hear BBC Manchester presenter Sam Walker discussing her own favourite sporting memories (ff to 1 hour 42 minutes) and her interview with Tony (2hours 45 mins)

You can read the memory discussed during the interview about the copy taker who worked for her local newspaper on a Saturday evening here.

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