Daily Telegraph 19th May 2014

When carers at a Grimsby care home found out that one of the female residents, aged 96, used to be a competitive ice dancer, they put on their skates. With the support of the local rink, they took their charge out on the ice, so she could experience the feeling of freedom once again.

Tony Jameson-Allen smiles at the thought. "Using sport to engage and interest elderly people with memory problems is a great way to help them feel alive again," he says. Jameson-Allen, a former psychiatric nurse, and his colleague Chris Wilkins are behind a social enterprise called Sporting Memories Network, which uses memories of sport to help those living with dementia and their care teams.

Sporting Memories Network is a nominee in the Alzheimer's Society's first Dementia Friendly Awards, sponsored by Lloyds Banking Group and supported by The Telegraph, whose winners will be announced tomorrow. The awards recognise organisations and individuals that help to make their area more dementia-friendly.

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