Chronicle Live 13th March 2015

How Newcastle United memories can help older folk living with dementia

The Chronicle has teamed up with Sporting Memories Network to support fans living with dementia and depression

Sporting Memories logo Football fans love talking about favourite games, players and incidents from the past.

And it turns out that this simple, pleasurable activity can also be beneficial to the health of older sports fans.

The Chronicle has teamed up with the Sporting Memories Network, a charitable organisation which is doing valuable work in the community.

At the heart of the project is the use of football and sports reminiscence to engage with and improve the well-being of older people (aged 50-plus) including those living with dementia.

Sporting Memories Network projects across the UK have demonstrated that by using a subject such as football, which has common currency with so many people especially men, sports reminiscence can put the voice and the memories of older people at the centre of fun and rewarding activity that engages older fans.

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