Meet the Team

Chris Wilkins - Co-Founder and Director

Motor racing is my passion and especially historic motor racing. For me it all started watching Rally Cross in black and white on Saturday afternoons on the BBC with the unmistakable voice of Murray Walker. Since then I've been lucky enough to enjoy some wonderful trips to a number of Grand Prix and have great memories such as watching Nigel Mansell slicing through the field in torrential rain in his Ferrari and the whole stand rising to their feet each time he lapped and had passed another car. I remember seeing all the top drivers running along the sea front at Monaco after a mass shunt at Lowes hairpin had brought the race to a premature halt. But the older I get the more interested I have become in motor racing from earlier years. Fortunately the Goodwood Revival has allowed me to enjoy seeing first-hand the likes of Stirling Moss setting a lap record for the day in more torrential rain at the wheel of a Maserati 250f with spray shooting twenty feet into the air.

Like Murray Walker, my career began in Advertising, but in recent years I have been involved in developing therapeutic memory products including the KnowMeWell Memory Books through my company Caring Memories. It was when I was approached to develop a version of these personalised photo books for the football reminiscence project that I began to realise the scope and amazing opportunity to develop other exciting products to support sporting reminiscence, and as a result helped to set-up the Sporting Memories Network.

Tony Jameson Allen FRSA- Co-Founder and Director

Ford Escorts and Lancia Stratos (what is the plural, strati?!) fill my early sporting memories. Growing up close to Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire, my parents took me to see the Lombard R.A.C and Mintex rallies fly through the gravel and forest tracks, with the likes of Roger Clark, Stig Blomqvist and Ari Vatenen throwing their rear wheel drive Escorts about with astounding accuracy and speed. Later came the amazing looks and sound of the Lancia Stratos, the first sight of which remains etched in my memory. I don't think there has been a more beautiful rally car produced. Whilst the WRC had to change, my interest in rallying remains & I can occasionally be found trying to keep a little yellow retro rally car generally pointing in the right direction on local tarmac stage rallies. Being a lifelong QPR supporter, I naturally chose a non footballing memory to recount here!

I have a passion for improving mental health care and systems through collaborative working and the effective management of information and communication. With clinical and managerial experience of working with older people in their mental health and social care, I believe that effective and sustainable developments can only be achieved if these are carried out in collaboration, ensuring service users and carers are actively engaged in planning, implementation and evaluation. As a qualified RMN, my work roles included being clinical lead and manager of long term dementia care facilities, including care homes and working in primary and secondary NHS care settings.